Pahrump Winery & Date Farm tour from Las Vegas

When you say you want a unique, one day tour out of Las Vegas, we can do that for you!  How about a wine tour in Pahrump and a date shake from the historic China Ranch Date Farm, all in the same day??  We do it on Wednesday, February 24

We leave Las Vegas and head for the hills.  China Ranch is located on the Nevada & California border outside of Tecopa Springs and Death Valley National Park. Enjoy this unique Date Farm with its gift shop, date products, small museum and a chance to walk on the historic Spanish Trail.

After that, we head back towards civilization and into Pahrump.  Stopping at the Pahrump Winery.  Enjoy an included lunch at the Symphony Dining Room, followed by wine tasting and a guided tour of the winery. You will have time to purchase your favorite wine.

We get back into Las Vegas just as the sun is setting and the lights of Vegas begin to twinkle!

Download/Read Tour Itinerary – Click Here 


China Ranch Date Farm

According to available sources, a Chinese man named either Quon Sing or Ah Foo came to this canyon after many years of work in the Death Valley borax mines. He developed the water, planted fruits and vegetables, and raised meat for the local mining camps. It became known as Chinaman’s Ranch. Sometime in 1900, a man named Morrison appeared, and, as the story goes, he ran the Chinese farmer off at gun point and claimed the Ranch for his own. Morrison eventually sold out, but the name had stuck. Since then the canyon has had many owners and worn many different faces, including a fig farm, cattle ranch, hog farm, alfalfa farm, and others. In 1970, the property was purchased by Charles Brown Jr. and Bernice Sorrells, the son and daughter of area pioneer and long time State Senator Charles Brown of Shoshone. It remains in these families today.

The date grove was planted from seed in the early 1920’s by Vonola Modine, youngest daughter of Death valley area pioneer RJ Fairbanks. Approximately half of the trees are male and produce only pollen. The females bear in the fall, yielding from 100 to 300 pounds of dates in a season.  From: China Ranch Website


Pahrump Winery

Nevada, with thousands of acres of barren desert, may seem like a strange place to have vineyards, and for most of the state that would be true. However, a small group of pioneers are making real progress in select areas and with certain grape varietals. While Nevada may never become another Napa Valley, we are proving every day that with patience, care, and yes a little luck it can be done! Here are a few of our partnering vineyards around the Silver State that we are proud to work with on our quest to harvest and produce successful Nevada wines.  From: Pahrump Winery